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Support Staff and Counseling

Support Staff and Counseling

Ms. Romero-7th Grade Counselor

Ms. Hermida-8th Grade Counselor

Ms. Alvarado-6th Grade Counselor

Ms. Moreno-Psychiatric Social Worker

Ms. Moran-Psychiatric Social Worker

Mr. Garcia Gear Up Program

Ms. Lendo-PSA Counselor

Ms. Pasiwen-School Nurse

Ms. Lopez-PSA Counselor Diploma Project

Mr. Rosener-Dean of Students

Ms. White Holloman-Assistant Principal

Ms. Galvan-Assistant Principal

Ms. Sequeira-Principal

Ms. Yi-Magnet Coordinator

Ms. Young-College and Career Coach

Ms. Anguiano-TSP Teacher

Ms. Gurubel-Title III Instructional Coach

Ms. Encarnacion-Math Coach


Support Staff and Administration
Contact Roxana Alvarado  Roxana Alvarado Staff
Contact Sandra Anguiano  Sandra Anguiano Staff
Contact Patricia Encarnacion  Patricia Encarnacion Staff
Contact Leticia Galvan  Leticia Galvan Assistant Principal
Contact Rodolfo Garcia  Rodolfo Garcia Staff
Contact Jazmin Gurubel  Jazmin Gurubel Staff
Contact Beatriz Hermida  Beatriz Hermida Staff
Contact Carmen Lendo  Carmen Lendo Staff
Contact Jenette Lopez  Jenette Lopez Staff
Contact Alicia Moran  Alicia Moran Staff
Contact Nancy Moreno  Nancy Moreno Staff
Contact Carolyn Pasiwen  Carolyn Pasiwen Staff
Contact Romana Romero  Romana Romero Staff
Contact Chris Rosener  Chris Rosener Teacher
Contact Hilda Rubi  Hilda Rubi Staff
Contact Wanda Sequeira  Wanda Sequeira (323) 568-3100 Principal
Contact Juanita White-Holloman  Juanita White-Holloman Assistant Principal
Contact Anne Yi  Anne Yi Teacher
Contact Natalie Young  Natalie Young College and Career Coach